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Read our FAQ to find out everything you need to know about PomGrenad and how it works.

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Tell me more about PomGrenad

At PomGrenad, dance, yoga, and fitness converge into a dynamic blend. Our expert coaches are here to help you out and make sure you get the workout that’s just right for you. Explore our platform, enhanced with fun complementary features to inspire and motivate you daily.

You can choose the language of the platform, either French or English. Some of our training sessions are animated in English. Use our filters to find the content matching your language preferences.

Our teachers are carefully selected for their expertise and skills. You can find their biographies here or featured in each session description.

Absolutely! At PomGrenad, we’ve designed courses in each discipline to suit all levels-whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Use our search filters to find classes that match your profile and specific needs.

We provide a range of video sessions across various disciplines. These sessions come in different formats: 15, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. They can be grouped into thematic series and programs or standalone sessions.

Subscription Options

What we offer is not only a free trial, is a lifetime free access! Sign up for free to access a selection of classes and discover new sessions regularly.

If you wish, you can upgrade to one of our premium plans: check out our range of subscriptions to learn more about your options.

Free membership

Enjoy limited access to our content, including a selection of workouts and features to discover PomGrenad.

Solo premium membership

Benefit from unlimited access to our entire content library, including a variety of workouts in different disciplines and advanced features for personalized training.

Family premium membership

Share all the benefits of a premium membership with your loved oned. You can create up to 4 different profiles, allowing everyone to enjoy our platform and its content.

Business Subscription

Promote the well-being of your employees by giving them full access to our platform. Contact us for more information.

Click here to learn more about out membership plans.

We only accept credit card payment (Visa or Mastercard) or Google Pay.

  • For the monthly subscription, payment is billed monthly.
  • For annual subscriptions, payment is billed once a year.

A free or solo premium membership cannot be shared; it is linked to your personal credentials and provides a single access.

However, if you want to share the fun with your loved ones, choose the family premium membership; it allows you to create up to 4 accounts so everyone has their own space and routine.

Both annual and monthly memberships will automatically renew unless you cancel before your next billing cycle. You’ll automatically be billed for the membership plan you selected (solo or family, annual or monthly).

On our website, head to your account settings:

  • Log in and select your name, located in the top right-hand corner
  • Select ‘My account’ and then ‘Subscriptions’ in the left menu
  • Below you current plan, click on “Upgrade or Downgrade”
  • Select the subscription you want and select “Switch subscription”

If you upgrade, you will only pay the extra between your current subscription and the new one.

If you downgrade, you will still enjoy your benefits until the end of your billing cycle.

Please note that it is not yet possible to manage your subscription on the iOS mobile application.

Yes! You can upgrade to annual. Once you switch your membership plan from monthly to annual, you will automatically be charged a prorated annual membership fee. The switch will be enabled right away.

The invoice is automatically sent by email to the membership owner’s email address.

When buying a subscription plan, enter the code in box that says ‘Discount,  Have a coupon?’.

You want to unlock all our content and features? You can choose one of your premium plans: monthly or annual, solo or family, there is one for everyone!

  • Log in to your account on our website and then click on “Upgrade to Premium” at the top.
  • Choose your membership
  • Fill out your billing and payment details.

Please note that the upgrade is not yet available in the iOS mobile application.

Getting Started with PomGrenad!

To register, simply follow this link to the end of the process. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail once you’ve registered on our platform.

To access your account, simply go to our website and log in by following this link.

Don’t forget to check the “Stay logged in”, so you don’t have to enter your login details every time.

You can enjoy our platform on different devices: computer, tablet and smartphone.

A mobile app is also available on iOS and Android. Moreover, you can broadcast the sessions on your TV screen.

Yes, PomGrenad is available for both Android and iOS. Download it on Google Play or Apple Store.

Yes, with the mobile application, you can download sessions to watch them later offline.

  • Find the sessions you want to download.
  • Click on “Download” below the class title.
  • Your class will start downloading to your app. Once downloaded, the arrow becomes a check.
  • Then, tap the account icon at the bottom right of the app (look for your initials or photo) and go to the ‘Downloaded videos’ sections. All your downloaded classes are there.

Please note that offline mode is only available on the mobile applications for now.

Using Chromecast

First, make sure you’re using the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Mac OSX or Android operating systems (Chromecast is not supported on Chrome iPad and iPhone), then click on the icon at the top right of the video to start it on your TV.

Using AppleTV

Press AirPlay from an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer to start the video on your TV.

Using an HDMI cable

Connect a computer with an HDMI cable to a TV.

Cancellation policy

All our membership are commitment-free. To cancel your subscription, head to your subscription settings under your profile (look for your name in the upper right-hand corner). Then click on ‘Cancel subscription’.

Please note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription.

After canceling your subscription, you’ll continue to have access to your account until the end of the current billing period.

If you have more questions, contact us. We’re happy to help!

No refunds or credits are available. Please note that any subscription can be cancelled at any time and is non-binding. Cancellation allows you to stop the next scheduled payments at any time without penalty and automatically removes your access to the platform at the end of your period.

Your PomGrenad family subscription ended and you’ve been automatically switched to the free version. You can still access pre-selected content

You can find all our subscription plans here.

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Your PomGrenad family subscription ended and you’ve been automatically switched to the free version. You can still access pre-selected content.

You can find all our subscription plans here

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StudioBizz.Tv becomes PomGrenad

It is with great excitement that we announce that StudioBizz.Tv transformed and become PomGrenad.com: the App that sets the rhythm for your body and your mind.

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